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Mark Miyashita


Student, Software Engineer, Teacher, Aspiring Entrepreneur


Thanks for checking out my resume. Below you will find an interactive version and you can download a pdf here.


University of California, Berkeley

M.Eng. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) - Data Science and Systems, 2015

University of California, Berkeley

B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), 2014

Relevant Coursework: CS170 (Algorithms), CS186 (Databases), CS188 (Artificial Intelligence), CS161 (Security), CS162 (Operating Systems), EE122 (Networking), CS61C (C, Mips), CS61BL (Java and Data Structures), CS61A (Python), CS98 (iOS/Objective-C), CS9E (Unix)


Software Engineering Intern - Mobile at Asana

(May 2014 - Present)

Software Engineering Intern/Part Time - Mobile Team at Yelp

(May 2013 - May 2014)

As an intern on the Mobile Team, I built a flow analysis tool that allows you to breakdown and visualize user flows from the app. It also enables a visual interface for A/B testing and breakdown of data by dimensions. Gave a technical presentation to all of Yelp Engineering about the architecture of my project and how to extend it. I also worked on improving performance for some of our back-end processing, worked with analytics on the mobile apps, and added a few minor features to the iOS app.

Undergraduate Student Instructor for CS61A at UC Berkeley

(Jan. ‘13 - Present)

I am an Undergraduate Student Instructor for the introductory computer science course, CS61A at UC Berkeley. I teach two sections, hold office hours, prepare discussion notes, create labs, and also lead review sessions. In the summer of 2013, I gave a lecture to 200+ students on MapReduce. The lecture notes can be found here. My TA ratings are located here.

Software Engineer at Kloudless

(Dec. ‘12 - May ‘13)

I worked on adding automation for attachments by adding a stream that listens for new emails and then processes a set of user-defined rules. The stream is an abstraction for Storm, a distributed real-time computation system.

Software Engineer Intern at Inigral Inc.

(Jul. ‘12 - Dec. ‘12)

I worked on both the front and back-end of Inigral’s large scale Rails app. On the back-end, I worked to optimize database queries as well as fix bugs that involved the administrative panels. On the front-end, I fixed several issues dealing with the appearance of the communities pages.

CS10 Head Reader at UC Berkeley

(Aug. ‘12 - Dec. ‘12)

As the Head Reader for the undergraduate course CS10, I not only grade homework, projects, and exams, but also work with Professor Dan Garcia to deal with logistics and delegation of work among the readers.

Residential Computing Consultant at UC Berkeley SA-IT

(May ‘12 - May ‘13)

I provide technical support and customer service on topics such as computer software, security, and general hardware configurations for all students living in university-owned housing. I also lead workshops geared towards teaching students about being safe on the web.

CS61A Reader at UC Berkeley

(May ‘12 - Dec. ‘12)

This semester, working with Professor John DeNero, my job is to focus on coding style within projects. I help students become both precise and concise in their code while still keeping it readable and manageable.

Website Developer/Editor at Mac Hints from BinaryAge

(Feb. ‘12 - May ‘13)

I develop and maintain a subsection of the website I designed the layout and contribute articles every week. Over 290,000 views since I began developing in March of 2012. Average of 1,500 views a day/45,000 views a month.


Ding (repo)

An iOS, multiclient instant messaging application that works with Google Chat, Google Voice, and Facebook Chat. Allows users to send and receive messages with a simple UI.

Talk2Text (demo) (repo)

A website that uses Chrome’s speech and voice recognition API to interpret natural, spoken language into Python code in an online text editor. Also has the ability to navigate the text environment using voice commands.

USOMC Competition Management System and iOS Judging app (demo) (repo)

Ruby on Rails competition management system with user registration, purchasing events via Stripe, admin panel to manage competitions. iOS app uses JSON API to allow judges to post comments and results to the server.

Pandagrader (demo)

Online software for grading exams. I implemented instructor annotations on exams using the Open Layer library.

iOS Pet Game (repo)

iOS app that I built which has a Rails backend API. Users train and battle pets while buying equipment from the online store.

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Cal Blueprint - VP of Technology - Spring 2014

I rewrote and redesigned the Blueprint website I also maintain all of the previous projects that Blueprint has completed as well as lead the development of internal tools for members to use.

HKN (Eta Kappa Nu) Computing Services Officer - Spring 2014

I led a massive rewrite of our website (not yet live). Maintain servers and mailing lists.

Cal Blueprint - Project Leader - Fall 2013

I led a team of five developers to build the USOMC Competition Management System and iOS Judging app for the non-profit organization USOMC to manage their international, 1,300 participant competitions.

HKN (Eta Kappa Nu) Department Relations Executive - Fall 2013

I am the liaison between the EECS Administrative staff and HKN and the rest of the student body. I attend meetings that make decisions the affect students in EECS as well as give department tours to prospective students who are thinking of coming to Cal.

HKN (Eta Kappa Nu) Bridge Officer - Spring 2013

I am in charge of recording and capturing, the everlasting moments that take place during HKN events. I am also in charge of overseeing a group of candidates as they progress through the semester to becoming initiates in the EECS Honors Society.

Hackers@Berkeley Officer:

I help run Hackers@Berkeley, the largest computer science and engineering club at Cal. Responsibilities include maintaining the club website ( as well as planning and running events such as workshops.


Proficient in:

Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, Javascript, Objective-C, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, Sass

Experience in:

Angular.js, C, Node.js, Ajax, JSON, Coffeescript, Scheme

Other Software:

Mac OS X, Unix, Windows 7/Vista/XP, Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS5, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)


2013-2014 Outstanding GSI Award - UC Berkeley

I was selected for the Outstanding GSI award given to the top 9% of all Graduate Student Instructors on the UC Berkeley campus for my semesters teaching CS61A in the EECS Department.

Cal Blueprint Social Good Hackathon - Spring 2014 - 3rd Place

My partner and I won 3rd place. We built a website that uses Chrome’s speech and voice recognition API to interpret natural, spoken language into Python code in an online text editor. Also has the ability to navigate the text environment using voice commands.

H@B Hackjam - Spring 2013 - 3rd Place

My team won 3rd place. We built a website that uses the web camera to detect the colors of a rubiks cube that the user holds up to the screen. Using computer vision, we detected the colors, passed the output to a solver, and then displayed the steps necessary to solve the cube. Guaranteed to not run in polynomial time.

HKN Outstanding Candidate - Fall 2012

I was selected as the Outstanding Candidate for the Fall 2012 initiates into HKN, the EECS Honors Society at UC Berkeley.

H@B Hackjam - Fall 2012 - Hilfinger Award from Box

My teammate and I were selected for this award based on our submission Tim which is described above.

HKN (Eta Kappa Nu) Candidate - Fall 2012

I was selected as a candidate for the EECS Honors Society. HKN accepts students in the top 1/4 of the Junior standing EECS students.